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Increase efficiency, provide better service to your users, and instantly
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with Atera’s all-in-one Remote Monitoring and Management,
Helpdesk and Reporting platform for IT departments.

One centralized eco-system of integrated solutions
that allows you to start with the essentials, and adopt software add-ons
as your IT needs evolve.

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Solutions Built for Next-Level IT Departments

Our solutions for IT departments cater to each stakeholder’s specific needs, and keep admins at the very heart of their functionality.

IT Technician

You’re looking for an out-of-this-world tool that’ll tackle the endless tickets and actions that greet you first thing each morning. Well done, you’ve just found it.

IT Department manager

Seeking real efficiency and improved user satisfaction? It sounds like you need a tool that’ll upgrade you to match your next-level goals, but always keep your team smiling and synced.

IT Department director

Driven by higher-level numbers, from open alerts to employee satisfaction? Introducing the tool that’ll help you see the bigger picture.

Features and Benefits of using Atera

Patch management

Gain full control over all your patches and save time by automating OS, software and hardware patches for both onboarding and ongoing maintenance, individually and with software bundles.


Intuitive and easy to use, our helpdesk and ticketing system uses AI and automation to boost efficiency and support IT departments in communication and resolution when managing employee issues.


A complex IT department such as yours calls for comprehensive built-in security that adheres to industry standards such as MFA, and smart logging and reporting. Tightly integrate your IT software with best of breed partners for Antivirus, EDR, backups, email security, and more.

IT Automation

Harness the power of Atera’s IT automation tools to create set rules that execute repetitive processes not only on a scheduled basis but also automatically as a result of different “states” or “changes of different parameters” for example with Alerts which then automatically solves them. Scan networks automatically and continuously with Network Discovery, available on Expert and Master plans to effortlessly map all assets.

remote access

Our intuitive and user-friendly remote access technology enables you to manage your IT department as-a-service. For remote working set ups, our Work From Home add-on allows for quick access to the office environment from anywhere.

Different PLANS to meet your needs

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Professional PlanExpert PlanMaster Plan
Professional includes:Includes Professional, plus:Includes Expert, plus:
  • Remote management, automations & scripting

  • Monitoring & alerts

  • OS & software patching

  • Helpdesk & ticket automation

  • Mac agent

  • Azure AD integration

  • Remote access using Splashtop

  • File transfer (up to 15GB)

  • Service Portal

  • Network monitoring and scanning

  • Ticket scheduling

  • Auto-tag assignment

  • Advanced reports Viewer

  • Chat with your users

  • API up to 2000 RPM

  • Up to 2 support addresses

  • Multi-monitor remote access using AnyDesk

  • Unlimited Splashtop concurrent sessions

  • Chat with your customers

  • File transfer (up to 50GB per month)

  • Atera's Network Discovery is included

  • Customized reports and dashboards (up to 20 reports and 3 dashboards)

  • Database snapshots

  • Geo-redundant database

  • API up to 4000 RPM

  • File transfer (up to 80GB per month)

  • Unlimited support addresses

  • Atera's Network Discovery is included

  • VIP support


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