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Are you contemplating the importance of a backup for Microsoft 365? Your business data is an invaluable asset, and it’s your responsibility to ensure its availability and security. Learn about the options available for a comprehensive Microsoft 365 backup solution, and understand why it’s crucial to secure your business data.


It is worth verifying whether your organization is obligated to maintain backup copies of electronic data to comply with legal requirements. Respecting the law will protect you and your company from unexpected and unwanted problems:

  • Avoid fines or pecuniary penalties for not retaining crucial business information that may be requested for legal actions or disputes involving your company.
  • There are different laws and restrictions that regulate access to important data – no matter whether the case concerns government agencies, companies or other organizations – you are obligated to respect those regulations. Take a quick look at the table below to learn about laws that may impose a legal obligation of data archiving on your business.

Are you prepared for a situation when your company unexpectedly loses business data? To ensure company stability, you should keep backups of data that may be crucial for your business:

  • Sometimes it happens that an important email or contact is deleted unintentionally. This can cause unnecessary and unexpected problems. To avoid such situations, keep backup copies of all emails, contacts and calendar items saved in versions (if an item is changed, it is saved again as a next version of this item) so that even permanently deleted items can be restored from local backup copies.
  • Some vital data may be deleted on purpose. Such a piece of information may turn out to be relevant for a trial or other legal actions.
  • Protect your company by preserving important electronic data so that your business can operate smoothly. Make sure that the contents of all employees’ mailboxes are backed up just in case of an unexpected disaster on the service provider’s side resulting in partial or total data loss. Hopefully, such a scenario will never happen, but keep in mind that you are the only one responsible for safety of your electronic data.
  • Do not put all eggs in one basket. Be precautionary and create backup copies of your mailboxes to have full control over Office 365 data.

Fortunately, there are solutions that can help you protect your Office 365 data and save yourself stress and trouble. See what your options are:

  • First of all, you can take a look at what you can get natively, but be aware that there is no native Office 365 backup solution in a traditional sense. What can be useful is Litigation Hold, which allows you to preserve mailbox data as long as mailbox in question is put on hold. However, if you decide to switch this functionality off or fail to switch it on, your data will be removed permanently when it reaches a retention period. This feature is not available by default for every Office 365 plan so make sure your plan is eligible.
  • In case of malicious or unintentional deletion of items, deleted items are moved to the Recoverable Items folder where they are stored for a certain number of days. However, when this period expires, data is deleted permanently and cannot be recovered unless you enabled Litigation Hold, which allows you to extend that period.
  • You can manage your company Office 365 backups by using a third-party tool such as CodeTwo Backup for Office 365. One of the main advantages of using the program is that you have full control over important business data and you have a physical access to locally stored backed up information at any time you need. If necessary, you can efficiently restore lost items back to Office 365 tenant.

Benefits Of Using CodeTwo Backup for Microsoft 365

Our Microsoft 365 backup solution enables you to back up Office 365 mailboxes to local drives, providing a secure copy of your valuable data.

With CodeTwo Backup for Microsoft 365 (Office 365), you can:

Back up Office 365 mailboxes to local drives

  • Keep backup copies of electronic data to respect the law
  • Get full direct access to copies of your Office 365 mailbox data
  • Reduce mailbox size and store obsolete data locally
  • Perform one-time backups or let the program create backup copies continuously
  • Archive mailboxes of employees (also to PST files) who are no longer with your company
  • Search for single items, folders or entire mailboxes using various search criteria
  • Restore single items (or its selected versions) to original or different Office 365 tenants
  • Configure automatic backup jobs with our Microsoft 365 backup solution to ensure no item goes unnoticed

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Back up mailboxes in Exchange & Office 365

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