Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT)

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Improve your security posture with data-driven insights.

In today’s digital landscape, where threats evolve rapidly, organizations in Singapore seek more than just a snapshot of their current security status—they need a proactive strategy. They require deep insights into their vulnerabilities across company infrastructure, including Microsoft 365 and Azure. The Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) delivers this through automated scans and analyses, forming the foundation for comprehensive managed cyber security services.

Our CSAT is more than a diagnostic instrument; it’s the gateway to a managed service that ensures security is not just assessed but maintained, monitored, and enhanced continuously. With the CSAT’s recommendations and an action plan, your organisation can improve its security framework and demonstrate a serious commitment to cybersecurity.

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What Makes Our Cyber Security Solutions Stand Out?

Awareness of your IT infrastructure’s resilience against threats such as ransomware, DDoS, and phishing attacks is crucial. Regular assessments with our cyber security assessment tool (CSAT) provide a clear picture of potential cyber risks, guiding you on where to bolster defenses as part of our managed cyber security services offering.

CSAT’s comprehensive scans extend beyond the surface, examining your entire infrastructure, including Microsoft 365 and Azure environments. Aspects such as device patch management, Windows configurations, administrative privileges, and external user access are meticulously evaluated to pinpoint weaknesses accurately.

Accompanying the Cyber Security Assessment Tool is a strategic plan to reinforce your cybersecurity measures—where it matters most. Straightforward technical and organizational recommendations empower you to deploy your resources effectively and align with the best practices of cyber security solutions in Singapore’s landscape.

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How Our Managed Cyber Security Services Work?

Developed by seasoned security professionals, CSAT is a cornerstone of our managed cyber security services. It effortlessly aggregates security data from various sources within your hybrid IT environment. Employing self-dissolving agents, CSAT minimizes the load on your internal IT team without compromising thoroughness.

Endpoint scan

CSAT collects information about e.g. local accounts, firewall rules, applications installed, the OS/Service Pack, AV status and the registry from the Windows OS and Linux endpoints in your IT hybrid environment.

Active Directory, Azure Active Directory and Intune

The CSAT retrieves User and Group information, identifies external users and (unused) accounts (including admin accounts) and flags suspicious accounts. Furthermore, CSAT will discover registered mobile devices from Intune and reports on compliance policies and recommended practices.

Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Teams and Azure

The CSAT searches through content in Micsosoft 365, SharePoint and Teams for Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Access granted to Teams, SharePoint sites and documents is also extracted. By checking the list of external uses, you can quickly identify unauthorized access. Furthermore, the CSAT pulls information from the Azure environment to provide recommendations to tighten the securtiy of the Microsoft tenant.

As a leading cybersecurity assessment service provider in Singapore, we understand the dynamic nature of cyber threats. That’s why our solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with ongoing managed cyber security services, ensuring persistent vigilance and protection for your organization.

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