Modernize your security service
stack with XDR

Cyberattacks become increasingly sophisticated and every business is vulnerable. With Acronis XDR, you get complete, natively integrated protection built to swiftly prevent, detect, analyze, respond to, and recover from incidents across most vulnerable attack surfaces.


Natively integrated

  • Proactively prevent risks, actively stop threats, and reactively ensure unmatched business continuity across NIST.
  • Easily manage and scale with a single platform and agent to deliver all cybersecurity, data protection, and endpoint management services.
  • Ensure compliance and protect sensitive data with behavioral-based DLP and best of breed disaster recovery.

Highly efficient cybersecurity

  • Protect endpoints with visibility across the most vulnerable attack surfaces – incl. email, identity, Microsoft 365 apps.
  • Streamline analysis guided by AI and unlock a rapid, single-click response.
  • Improved performance on endpoints via a single agent for complete security: XDR, EDR, MDR, anti-malware and anti-ransomware, DLP, data protection, endpoint management and monitoring.

Easy to manage

  • Centralized platform that streamlines daily tasks and reduces costs.
  • A SaaS-based platform with role-based access that’s easy to manage and scale across disperse IT environments.
  • Extend additionally with 200+ integrations, including commonly used — SIEM, PSA, RMM tools.

Unlock complete protection with XDR that spans across NIST

Stop counting on multiple-point security solutions for protection against the plethora of complex threats.

Comprehensive protection of endpoints, vulnerable attack surfaces and data doesn’t have to requires multiple solution integrations introducing high resource needs and costs, security silos, long time to value and additional staffing.

With Acronis, you can count on a single platform for holistic protection and business continuity, aligned with established industry standards such as NIST — enabling you to:


Rapidly establish cybersecurity and risk management strategies, set roles and policies, and ensure continuous oversight via an integrated platform.

Identify vulnerable assets and data you need to protect across multiple endpoints.
Proactively protect IT assets, endpoint devices and data with integrated backup, DLP and endpoint management capabilities.
Continuously monitor via AI- and ML-based threat detection and behavioral analysis to guard against advanced threats and data exfiltration.
Analyze incidents with speed guided by AI and respond with a single click to: investigate and contain cybersecurity threats; remediate, rollback, and recover from attacks; close vulnerability gaps.
Deliver unmatched data protection and business continuity with no data loss across your IT stack.

Streamline your services and reduce resource requirements with AI-based innovations

AI-guided, minutes-not-hours attack analysis
Leverage AI-based incident summaries and interpretations aligned with MITRE ATT&CK framework to unlock a swifter response.
Single-click response to incidents
Ensure faster mean-time-to-response (MTTR) by isolating and remediating the threat, recovering from the damage, and closing open security gaps via a single-click response.
Prioritized view of incidents
Ensure you always stay on top of high-risk activities with a prioritized view of incidents, rather than a flat list of alerts.

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