Partnered and using Atera’s RMM platform, we can be proactive and spot issues before you even realise, support with powerful root-cause analysis, including of IT Automation and Patch Management.

RMM is inclusive in the Managed IT Support Services and can be offered as an addon subscription to the System Support Maintenance.

Features of the RMM:

Alerts are the first step in having a proactive IT environment. You will be notified in real-time about potential problems before they happen so you can solve them in advance.

Get real time status on:

  • System Resources
  • Logged in users
  • Network and IP Monitoring
  • SNMP Monitoring
  • Windows Updates

Pre-configured administrative and maintenance tasks which can be applied to servers and workstations, both per specific device and for whole companies and groups. These are quick and easy to configure:

  • Create System Restore Point
  • Delete Temp Files
  • Delete Internet History
  • Reboot
  • Shutdown
  • Defragment (All disks)
  • Run Checkdisk (All disks)
  • Run Full System Scan
  • Check for New Updates

A complete platform for automating Patch Management in a simple and quick to implement the methodology. Patch Management can be applied to individual devices and groups, including:

  • Run Windows Update: All / Critical / Important / Security.
  • Run Windows Update: Service Pack
  • Install Microsoft Office Updates
  • Install Driver Updates (Hardware)
  • Install Java updates
  • Install Adobe updates
  • Reboot If Needed

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