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Wireless presentations from any device, digital signage for all screens, and all-in-one cloud management.

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The Unified Solution – for work & for education

Airtame Takes the Top Spot for Cost Effective Wireless Presentation Solutions

Airtame offers a wireless screen sharing and collaboration platform that allows users to instantly display content from any personal device to any shared screen. The platform is used to promote interactivity and collaboration in meetings, presentations and classroom settings, as well as for digital signage in retail stores, corporate environments, conference facilities, hotels, and other venues.

Stress-free presentations for easier teamwork

  • Engage teams with wireless presenting. Connect from any device using the Airtame app, Google Cast, AirPlay or Miracast.
  • Mirror your full screen or a single window, with the option to share to multiple displays from the app on your computer.
  • Enable the pin code prompt to ensure connectivity to the right display and prevent unwanted connections.

Cloud management for efficient maintenance

  • Equip the IT department with real-time, remote access to device management in Airtame Cloud.
  • Edit settings and carry out updates in bulk.
  • Assign user roles based on rank, location and use case.
  • Save time and effort with collaboration that scales with company growth.

Customizable signage for the informative company

  • To start (and finish) meetings on time, synchronize calendars with screens to exhibit room agendas and availability.
  • Motivate teams by showcasing realtime news, performance dashboards and more.
  • Set the mood with welcome messages, images, videos or slides.
  • Schedule screens to turn on and off according to office hours.

Security for enterprise setups

  • Integrate Airtame seamlessly into your enterprise network to let users connect safely across VLANs.
  • Authenticate your Airtames in a Windows domain.
  • Configure a web proxy to filter internet access.
  • Get support from Airtame’s network specialists for optimal integration.

Airtame for Education

Academically tested and approved

The essential wireless screen sharing tool for education.
Parkland School District (PA) uses Airtame to revolutionize learning Wireless Screen Sharing for Higher Education Airtame for Collaborative Learning and Easy Group Work | Desert Sands School District.

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Airtame for Business

Powering organizations globally

Creating the ideal workspace involves selecting technology solutions that encourage collaboration and engagement. Bond Collective went with Airtame for their conference rooms so that members could easily share their screens with clients and colleagues.

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